The 3-D School is a state accredited special purpose school for young students whose primary learning disability is dyslexia.  The school offers a full day academic program for dyslexic students in grades 2nd through 6th.  Students must remain in the school for a minimum of three full years to complete the comprehensive therapy curriculum. The goal of the program is to remediate the specific learning disability of dyslexia to the degree that students are able to return to the traditional school of their choice.

The program has been developed to address the needs of high potential students.  Due to the academic demands of the Orton-Gillingham based curriculum, students with severe receptive or expressive language disorders, severe behavioral disorders, or students with below average intelligence are not admitted to the school. A comprehensive Psycho-educational evaluation that reveals a diagnosis of dyslexia is required before acceptance into the school can be determined.

The 3-D School maintains a low student/teacher ratio.  All teachers/dyslexia therapists are licensed through the Mississippi Department of Education and hold a license in dyslexia therapy.  All therapists are trained in Orton-Gillingham based instruction as required by Mississippi Law MS (Code Sec. 37- 173-1).

The specialized reading curriculum is designed to meet the unique learning needs of the dyslexic student through provisions of instruction in the domains of language (Phonology, Pragmatics, Orthography, Semantics, Syntax, and Morphology).  The National Reading Panel’s five components of reading (Comprehension, Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Fluency, and Vocabulary) are integrated into therapy sessions, language arts classes, and other subjects, through materials created by the nationally accredited Neuhaus Education Center.  These materials include; Basic Language Skills, Scientific Spelling, Developing Metacognitive Skills, Multisensory Grammar, and Word Detective.

The Saxon math program and study units for science and social studies meet the objectives as stated in the Mississippi Frameworks.  The students are involved in weekly art and music experiences.  Field trips and other educational experiences are also provided for the students.


 The 3-D School Faculty and Staff

Cena Holifield, Ph.D., CALT, QI, Executive Director

Tammy Mauldin, B.A., CPA, Administrative Assistant

Elesha McCarty, M.S., CCC-SLP, M.Ed., CALT, Psychometrist

Kim Gibson, M.S., CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist

Donna George, M.Ed., CALT, QI, Teacher and Dyslexia Therapist

Peggy Shoemake, M.Ed., Teacher and Dyslexia Therapist

Morgan Halliwell, M.Ed, CALT, Teacher and Dyslexia Therapist

Jessica Powell, M.Ed., CALT, Teacher and Dyslexia Therapist

Susan Cosby, M.Ed., CALT, Teacher and Dyslexia 

Katie Adams, M.Ed., CALT, Teacher and Dyslexia 

Beverly Salmans, M.Ed., CALT, Teacher and Dyslexia Therapy

Lauren Houston, B.A., Teacher and Dyslexia Therapy Intern

Ashley Kate Branch, B.A., Teacher and Dyslexia Therapy Intern

Lauri Stetelman, B.A., Dyslexia Therapy Intern

Kathleen Pitts, M.Ed., CALT, Dyslexia Therapist

Traci Barrientos, M.Ed., Dyslexia Therapist

Sue Boutwell, M.Ed., CALT, Math Teacher

Pamela Finch, M.M.Ed. Music and Art


IDA LOGO 2014.pngThe 3-D School’s Dyslexia Therapists are trained at William Carey University and/or Mississippi College, both of which are accredited through the International Dyslexia Association.


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 Accredited: Mississippi Department of Education


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